Movie review of M.R. Bharathi’s ” Azhiyadha Kolanghal 2 “


Movie review of M.R. Bharathi’s ” Azhiyadha Kolanghal 2 “.

Director MR Bharathi made Azhiyatha Kolangal 2, with the story between three characters, Gowri Shankar, Mohana and Sita, have been played by Prakash Raj, Archana and Revathy respectively. How  Mohana affected due to sudden death of Writer Gowrishankar.

Prakash Raj plays a role of a writer, Easwari Rao comes as news reader in a channel, Nassar  an upright police officer, Krishnaraj as Politician, and Revathy plays as Sita wife of Gowrishankar, a character as homemaker. Archana plays as Prakashraj’s former lover from college . Gowri Shankar (Prakash Raj) is a celebratory writer. He has been conferred Sahitya Akademi award for his novel. So his  wife sends him to Delhi and ask him to take care and put medicine, swetter  in his travel bag.  Gowri Shankar leaves to Delhi to collect his award. After collecting award and happy wheels gives interviews, On his return, He takes flight before his actual schedule, He live earlier to Chennai in a hurry and goes straight to Mohana’s house who is an ex-lover Mohana (Archana)  even without informing to Mohana and even to his wife Sita.

Gowri Shankar and Mohana goes down on a nostalgic trip and recall their college days and their admiration for each others. After dinner, Gowri Shankar goes to bed only to get cardiac arrest. Mohana seeks help of security to find doctor mean while  Gowri Shankar breath his last in her home. The news spreads like a fire. Media Politicians, Neighbors and Policemen come knocking at her door. She is clueless what to do. Police Commissioner (Nasser) visits her house for an enquiry. Every one  start to suspect Mohana. What happens to Mohana is a climax. A beauty full memories comes to every ones life. Director has told it in a poetic way.  movie is an another Autographs


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