Movie Review of ” Sillu Karuppatti “


Movie Review of ” Sillu Karuppatti ”


Producer: Venkatesh Velineni, Production : Divine Productions,  Written & Directed by : Halitha Shameem,          Editor : Halitha Shameem, Cinematographers: Abhinandhan Ramanujam, Manoj Paramahamsa, Vijaya Karthik Kannan, Yamini Yagnamurthy, Music: Pradeep Kumar, PRO : Suresh Chandra Rekha D’One. Starring: Samuthirakani, Sunaina, Manikandan, Nivedhitha Sathish, Leela Samson, Sara Arjun, Kravmaga Sreeram, Rahul


An anthology movie which has four romantic stories of love & affection between different age  groups. Two stories in the first half and another two stories in the second half, First story of young age between 12 – 16, The age of second story is between 21 -25, The third story is love and affection of aged once which is above 60, The last and final story is about a family person of aged between 40-45,

First story moves with a  very young rag picker aged between 14- 16 and about a rich girl. Maanja (Rahul), the teenaged rag picker, begins to fall in love  on Mity (Sara Arjun), a girl from a wealthy household, after stumbling upon her photo in the garbage from her home. Soon, he begins to collect knick nacks from her garbage everyday, He finds a ring in the garbage and try to hand over to her, She fells very bad for losing the ring which presented by her father, Later he gets a broken Walkman that has a recording of her song (she is an aspiring musician), He try to put the ring near her home, She takes the ring as return she gives valuable chocolates for him, 

Every people like the story of second the love happy wheels , affection, care taking between them is nicely picturised by Director that all college going will like that episode for neatly taken. The second episode – and the film’s best one, titled Kaaka Kadi, which is all about how this character, Madhu (Nivedhitha Sathish), who admits she doesn’t have a romantic bone ends up falling for Mukilan (Manikandan), a part-time meme creator, who has just discovered that he has testicular cancer. They meet as passengers ride-sharing a cab, and gradually open up to each other, discussing everything from love to pornography, and Madhu ends up giving the heartbroken Mukilan hope (literally) and heart (metaphorically).

The third and matured love of Navaneethan (Kravmaga Sreeram) who spots Yashoda (Leela Samson) playing at a park and is instantly smitten by her.This love starts from  Turtle walk He is a widower while she is a spinster. They get acquainted at the hospital – they are undergoing a master health check-up – and open up to each other about them, Their dialogue of them which is  unlike youngsters who have fallen in love,

Dhanapal (Samuthirakani) husband of, Amudhini (Sunainaa) has no time to look after his wife  needs, both physical and emotional,  Dhanapal wife complains that he never  notices her –  new hairstyle – he shows his head and tells her that even he is also  going bald and says to her that even she too  never noticed about it.Director takes the echo of the couple, and says  to learn about each other and  to understand their feelings.  

Director touches the Love & Affection in all stages of lives, A beautifully filmed as a poem.

Lets have a Tea with Dignity, The movie filmed with dignity

Lets enjoy the movie with quality, realty. Rating 4.5/5



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