Surabi Mohan’s ” Market Raja MBBS ” movie review


Arav’s ” Market Raja MBBS ” movie review

Director Saran makes Market Raja MBBS,  movie as  gangster and ghost. Market Raja MBBS  a gangster who born and brought up in  in North Chennai, He even doesn’t respect his own mother. Vanisri (Kavya Thappar), a medical college student falls in love with Gangster  Raja He turns her proposal as saying , that he cannot accept her love because  he is a gangster. On the other hand, Director creates a character as an innocent medical student who loves deeply Vanisri. The  innocent medical student dies with bullet which was aimed to Market Raja. The soul of the innocent student enters into the body of Market Raja. Now, the soft character of medical students enters the body now the don who fears for nothing, now turns as innocent, and scared for everything and everyone.

 Market Raja’s second half is a letdown the comic as the ghost character shows serious of the film. comedy scenes in first half  are some how ok,  the second half is completely different from the first half.Arav looks suits him as the tough gangster,His  body fits to the character as gangster, but  he needs more acting in the comedy . Kavya Thappar good support for the movie while Shayaji Shinde,Radhika , Charms , Rohini  and others have also done good job. KV Guhan’s camera work gives attention the North Chennai locales and Simon King’s music makes attracts both in songs and rerecording. Marker Raja MBBS  is an average action comedy entertainer with gangster and ghost .
Market Raja MBBS review: OK – 3.0 / 5

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