Dreams get more real only on COLORS Tamil’s Kodeeswari


Dreams get more real only on COLORS Tamil’s Kodeeswari.


Chennai, December 2019: COLORS Tamil rings the bells of merriment as Kodeeswari sets off wings for yet another spectacular dream of Gowthami, a middle-town woman aspiring to become a collector and lead a loan free life. As the first Woman Graduate from her family she has broken barriers to take her chance of becoming a Kodeeswari.
The bold and beautiful Radikaa Sarathkumar commences the special episode with a short story about how every human is divided by religion and should be united by humanity. With a positive note well received by the audience, Radikaa invites the Miss Minnal (Fastest Finger First) round winner Ms. Gowthami to join her on the hot seat.
Charmed with a smile and struck with family responsibilities, Gowthami a newsreader who resides at Theni embarks her journey to success by sharing her jitters with Radikaa Sarathkumar. On popular demand by Radikaa, Gowthami enacts her presence in the show as a news update and fazed the audience with her wit.
Gowthami shared her background of being an ambitious woman by sharing the rough patches of her life with the host amidst the game, and also shared exclaiming moments about her mom for being her pillar of support. She also interviewed Radikaa about her glorious journey in the industry where she talks about her father MR Radha and her first director Bharathi Raja.
Gowthami answers the first 9 questions with her garrulous nature and goes on to bagging Rs. 6, 40,000/- back home. However the dauntless Gowthami took two lifelines frantically for the 10th question, “Which one of these monuments is not a part of the new rupee notes in India?”. The “Ask the Expert” by Mrs. Sumathi, Founder of We Magazine as well as the “Audience poll” helped Gowthami bag the safe-zone amount of Rs. 3,20,000/-.
The first celebration episode of Kodeeswari wrapped up with an interesting round about at the Miss Minnal round which blinded the remaining contestants with a question posed by Kanmani (Computer). The Tick-Tick Teacher identifies the next winner to the Hot Seat, Ms. Angeline who cracked the question within 3.68 seconds. Will Angeline win her dreams or chase them away? Watch the most intriguing game show only on COLORS Tamil at 8:00PM.
Want to become a Kodeeswari too? You can now play along with Radikaa Sarathkumar by answering the questions posed by her in the show. Record your answers through the VOOT App and win exciting prizes. Download the app and win a chance to become a Kodeeswari.


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