Movie Review of ” Thottu Vidum Dhooram “


Movie Review of ” Thottu Vidum Dhooram ”





Movie Tottu Vidum Vaanam  starts with hero travells from his village to chennai and calls his friend Balasarvanan who stays in Chennai, He promose to pick up him on morning 7.00am at Koyambedu bus stand but he wakes up by late, The movie A love story which starts with flash back Movie with love and a awareness message of Organ Donation, . Hero a Engineering graduate works in field along with his mother, Heroine comes to hero’s village for a medical camp, and he explains the important of organ donation, He save her from the happy wheels president ,She impressed on him and falls in love ,Hero also falls in love with her , She tells him that she will get a good job in Chennai, He receives call from her so he comes to Chennai were his bag was stolen,  were his mobile was kept in the bag , so he was not able to contact her, What happened to his job and his love is the subject. The movie as a good screenplay, song and correct artist choice by Director. comedy by Singhampuli is ok, Livinston and Seetha’s acting are  usual and they  involved in character given to Them. Hero Vivek Raj acted well.


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