” Pizhai ” in theaters from 2day 3/1/2020 ( Movie Review )


” Pizhai ” in theaters from 2day 3/1/2020.

Pizhai is about life of three friends and their father’s who live in a village, The father wants to make their children to study and come up in their life, but the three children does not like to go to school and do sill mistakes , one day they push their school mate into the well who gets first rank, So the village people gets quarrel to their parents, so they beat them for doing such things,the three friends run from the village to earn and to come to village after earning and to return with a car, Three naughty kids hailing from poor families feel earning money. But they learn only education brings value to the life, and feels the  important  of studying. A movie with full of messages to students. Must watch by all students with their parents.



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