Rajavukku Check movie review


Movie Review of Rajavukku Check.


The movie starts in the court scene with divorce case between Raja sendhoor Pandian and his wife, Raja wants to live with her but she refuse, Raja says that he does not want to divorce because of his daughter. and there is another character involves with them. who comes to take revenge of Raja’s daughter why and what happen to her is the plot.

Raja Sendhoor Pandian (Cheran) is an alcoholic cop who also has Sleeping Beauty Syndrome, a rare medical condition that makes him sleep for weeks or even months. This serious medical problem separates his wife and daughter from him. While Raja’s wife filed for divorce, he is against separation and requests the court to allow her daughter to be with him for the next ten days before she leaves for a foreign country for higher education. As per the court order she accepts the request of his husband,

Raja brutally punished the gang when they tried to rape a model played by shrusti Dange, The gang of four rich teenage criminals lure cunningly sketch a plan to sexually abuse the girls. After returing from prison after 2 years they plan to take revenge of the cop. So they plan to kidnappen and to abuse her with asking Raja to witness through live. what happeing to her daughter.

How Raja trace the culprits with is intelligent ideas ,and what punishment he has given to them is the climax. Cheran  advises the girls to not spend most of their time on mobile phones and social networking sites.  A movie with message for for youths.


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