SRM Institute of Hotel Management & SRM Hotel celebrating Pongal Festival


SRM Institute of Hotel Management & SRM Hotel celebrating Pongal Festival.

Pongal Celebration 2020

SRM Institute of Hotel Management known for its academic brilliance & state of the art infrastructure is
committed to deliver an exceptional brilliance blended with wonderful opportunities in celebrating the
traditional festivals as it imparts great knowledge to the upcoming hoteliers as the industry celebrates
every festival. SRM HOTEL has set a wide array of menu related to pongal with a fully decorated
ambience of pongal and the traditional music being played on continuously.
Being a campus with multicultural students from across the nation the celebration of Pongal serves as a
great cultural exchange to all the students from north, east, west and south of our nation. The younger
generation will be filled with memories and purpose of this four days festival as the way of celebrating
pongal that follows afer Bhogi, was emphasized.
The celebration of Pongal festival has been celebrated at SRM IHM from the year 1995 in a traditional
and also in exuberant grandeur with a difference and uniqueness in the talents and gifts that our students
possess. The Pongal for the year 2020 has been held on 14.01.2020 with uncompromised standards and
exhibition of talents and SRM Hotel has always played a great part in designing and molding the skills
and experience of the students.
The purpose and significance of celebrating pongal at SRM Hotel and SRM Institute of Hotel
Management is to impart the diversified heritage of our culture. Students of SRM Institute of Hotel
Management hosted the event with many traditional dances like cinematic folk dance, theme dances
based on jallikatu dance, and there were interesting traditional games like uriadi game, rope game and
silambattam participated by the students.
The entire place created the feel of a traditional set up with the pongal ambience being decorated with
thoranams, mango leaves, and a symbolic farmer’s hut was also made in the centric portion of
decoration. In a decorated new pot sweet pongal was prepared out of the newly harvested rice, jaggery,
ghee and was enriched with cashew nuts, raisins and flavored with elachi. A lump of fresh, lush turmeric
along with sugarcane added charm and brought the exact feel to the setup.
The splendid and lucrative menu that was set at SRM Hotel remains alluring with a delicious tomato
soup and spicy energetic Nenju Elumbu Chaaru as soups. There was a long list of vegetarian dishes
made with indigenous vegetables like Nellai Pavakai fry, avarakai Poriyal, Malakari Chettinad, Sorakai
Masala, Peerkangai Kootu, Vazhakai Puttu, Kadhamba Sambar, Poosinikai More Kuzhambu which
served as an accompaniment to Kothamali Sadam, Thengai Sadam, Thayir Sadam and vella sadam. To
add a touch of non vegetarian Piquant Madurai Meen Kuzhambu and outstanding virudhunagar Kozhi
Pirattal satisfied the quench of desire and longing. A buffet never comes to an end without the desserts.
Creamy Ravai Payasam, sweet Sakkarai Pongal, Melting Mysore Pak, Cashewnut enriched Laddu,
Cruncy Thengai Burfi, Somas and ghee enhanced Motti pak.
The whole day of entertaining and enlightening events concluded with the director of SRM Institute of
Hotel Management Dr. D. Antony Ashok Kumar distributing the mementos to all the students who
participated in the cultural events and also to the students who have the Management Trainee.


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