” Draupayhy ” Movie Review.


” Draupayhy ” Movie Review.


Draupathy is a film for all girls should watch with their parents. The movie shows how a gang involved in doing illegal marrigae  in registrar office with register in hand, The marriage happens  even without bride also, The purpose of the gang is to  earn money.The gang trace lovers and does register marriage and blackmails their parents by taking video of the girl nudely  after marriage, by giving party to groom and makes him flat.. This happens in Prabhakar’s life who makes a illegal marriage of his sister in law, for not allowing to give land , after seeing the marriage certificate his father in law gets suicide , This makes Prabhakar to take revenge.

Prabhakar comes from jail he goes to Chennai first without even going for his native, This has told in flashback why he takes revenge, In between a channel takes this as documentry of  life of Prabhakar, This helps in the climax for film.Richard and Sheela are good choices and they are natural with their performances. while Karunas is also good with his dialogues and expressions “Jubin” composed the music. Manoj Narayan cranks the camera and S Devaraj edits the film. Draupathi is a crowd-funded film Draupathi is a good effort by the makers to pinpoint some issues in society. A good movie with good screenplay and powerful dialogue makes the movie for good range. Expecially Richard does his work superbly.This kind of anti social movies should come , so that we can known whats is happeninh in our society. A Good Movie to watch.

Ratio 4.5/5



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