” Mayanadhi ” Tamil Movie Review


” Mayanadhi ” Tamil Movie Review.


The life of an brilliant school student who wants to become a doctor in her life , Because  she lost her mother while delivering her. Her father Anbarasu ( Narien )  brought her Kausalya ( Venba )with discipline and had more confident and more trust on her,  Mayanadhi  is taken in  the backdrop of Mayiladuthurai, Maayanadhi is the tale of a doting father and her daughter, a brilliant school student, who aspires to be a doctor. She use to go to school  daily in Sendhil’s ( Abi Saravanan )auto  How fate separates them because of the latter’s relationship with an auto driver forms the crux of the story. For Anbarasan,, his world revolves around his daughter Kauslaya (Venba).  Anbarasan doesn’t have  doubt on Kausalya even when his brother tells him that she has started going out with someone. He trusts only his daughter and doesn’t mind going to any extend to fulfill her desires. He use to discusses about everything with her as father and guide.

When a boy friend of hervfriend starts to pour acid on Kausalya, Sendhil saves her, this made her to change her and started loving him. so she was moving close to Senthil,driver, who takes her to school everyday. Now her becomes second in her studies, Sendhil treats her to get marry other wise he will go for suicide. So she accepts his wish and gets leave to school and get married, Now her dreams becoming as doctor collaps, Anbarasu saw her with Thali in her neck and he gets upset and lives from her. Abi Saravanan was apt in his role and Apukutty, as his friend, does justice to his character. Venba and Aadukalam Naren come up with a good performance, A movie without double meaning, without too much of fight, without noice making scenes.

The movie with decent screenplay and a good massage. If u divert from studies due to love or for any reason what will happen to every students in the future is the subject. A movie to watch by every Parents with their son and daughter to bring them as good citizen.  Rating 3.5/5


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