Samuthirakani’s ” Nadodighal 2 ” movie review


Samuthirakani’s ” Nadodighal 2 ” movie review.

Produced by :  S Nandagopal under the banner of Madras Enterprises. Starring : Sasikumar, Bharani, Anjali, Athulya Ravi, Pawan.

Jeeva (Sasikumar) is a firebrand activist who is consumed by his communist principles. For him, people’s welfare comes before anything.his own A-Team consisting of Pandi (Barani), Sengodi (Anjali )  and a senior communist member, eeva leads an anti-establishment protest, gathering youngsters ,Villian makes his men to get into the protest and fires the flag and the banners and start beating them, and police starts lathi charge in the protest  When things go out of control, Jeeva screams “Annan Ambedkar”, “Maaveerar Bhagat Singh”, “Karmaveerar Kamaraj”.. and calls all the members to make a human chain and finds the person who is not their members. A transgender was introduced in the film as an  character (who looks gorgeous), who is part of the Poraali gang,She gets appointed as sub-inspector of police The flashback shows how miserably she was treated by her parents in teenage as he feels she. Jeeva’s mother wants him to get married. so she ask his brother’s daughter on by one, but his brother refuse because he was not responsible person.He gets an alliance from an landlord and gets marriage to his  idaughter, In the first night his wife try for suicide by making scratches in her neck and hand, He gets upset and after knowing why she was behaving , he calls her lover and Jeeva  removes the Thali which he tied to her in the morning  Jeeva  ask his lover to tie the knot to his lover and makes them to escape. 

Jeeva wants the Nation to be an nation without caste, jeeva egarly watching the couples that they may face problem.  Samuthirakani recreates the Sankar-Kousalya honour killing incident that happened in Tiruppur in 2016, Mean while the senior member plans for the marriage between  Jeeva and Sengodi , They decide to get marriage  the morning, He gets information that they traced the couple who plans to separate them. As he feels they planed to kill them, Jeeva with Pandi tries to safe them watch the movie and know the climax. 

All charters are done very well from Sasikumar, Bharani, Anjali E.Ramadass and Atulya Ravi. The movie wants to convey that there will be no caste country in future. Music, Camera are made good support for film. The director repeats the same song Sambo Shiva Sambo in the climxe .  Rating 3.5/5


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