” College Kumar ” Movie Review


” College Kumar ” Movie Review.

Prabhu who work in his friend CA office as peon  He splits Tea on the important file , on hearing that he became father of a boy baby, His friend slaps on him and says him how a peon should be and scold even the just born baby and say get out. Prabhu challenges his friend who is CA and says that he will make his son has a CA,. Prabhu works hard and pay fees for college and dreams his son will become CA. But he was weak in study and he has caught by the vigilans officer on the exam hall . Principal Nazeer  given TC to Raghul, Prabhu gets upset on seeing his son’s TC and feels that his dream was broken. Now What happen to the challenge made by  Prabhu to his friend  is rest of the subject.

The movie in the second half is so different, and the screenplay to is so intresting. We cant predict what happens about the challange.Prabhu acts so beautifully with comedy flavour, Madhubala is ok, The hero Raghul Vijay does his job so nicely, College kumar gives a feeling that we are in college days. A good movie to watch with family. Director makes us in comfort zone. A new plot in college stories.

Rating : 4/5.




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