KalaiPuli S.Dhanu, Fefsi Siva, Sivakarthigeyan, Karthi , Ganesh Babu, are contributed to CPS


Kalaipuli Dhanu, Fefsi Siva, Sivakarthikeyan, Karthi, Natty, Velraj, Producer  Ganesh Babu, are all  contributed to Cinema Pathrikaiyalarghal Sangham


Due the coronavirus spreading all over world. India PM announced lockdown for 21 days till April 14th 2020, So  Cinema Pathrikaiyalarghal Sangam’s members has no income due to lockdown, All cimema related unions are also in the same , Kalaipuli Dhanu who have contributed Rice for Fefsi, has now given Rice to CPS also,Producer / actor of Kattil movie Ganesh Babu has give cooking oil, , Sivakarthikeyan and Karthi Sivakumar has given each 50 , has deposited in the CPS a/c  Cameraman Natti & Velraj each 10k, K , Fefsi Siva has given provisions worth about 1,37,000. cineinfotv.com as member of CPS wishes them.

Cineinfotv.com   Wishes all of them for their valuable contribution towards CPS. at needy time.



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