Director Bharathiraja message for people reg corona 

Director Bharathiraja message for people reg corona
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My Beloved Tamil fraternity!   ” En Eniya Tamilmakkale  “
In the fight between the Science and Nature, our nation has faced many dangerous and life threatening pandemic situations at different points of time.
We are aware that, as a nation we have overcome the highly vulnerable threats of Nipah Virus, Chikungunya, Dengue, Swine Flu, Plague, Anthrax, HIV and the likes in the past.
Similarly, in the current scientific era, Corona has been detected surprisingly. At this hour our crisis, we must stand by our Hon’ble Prime Minister, in all his steps including the Self Quarantine on 22 March 2020, to create the much needed awareness among our fellow citizens.
At the same time, the steps taken on a war footing by the Tamil Nadu Government in this regard deserves sincere praise. Just tomorrow, please ensure that you don’t venture out of your homes, out in the Sun, only for tomorrow.
We have won many battles through Immunity. So, let us wipe out Corona infections with sheer immunity.
Sanitation is the only medicine, for NOW!
Bharathi Raja

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