” Velvet Nagaram ” Movie review.


” Velvet Nagaram ” Movie review.



Velvet Nagaram a movie about Tribal community in a hilly region  where politicians had  wanted the hill place to hand over for an foreign project, where they gets plenty of money, So the politicians neglected the Tribal community in a hilly region. Usha wants to find about the murder of Gouri who spoken to her.  Gowri, an actress, had been working for the upliftment and right of the community, the tribal community people who lives there thinks that she will find some way for their development. But to their shock, she gets killed mysteriously. Usha, a journalist, is a friend of Gowri and she decides to find out the murderers with the help of another friend Priya and her husband Pradeep. She started to trace out the past activities of Gowri. She came to know that Gowri visited her place of Priya, So usha goes to Priya’s house. When she was speaking to Priya suddenly some people attacks Pradeep, & Priya , Even they attacks Usha also,  Later, Usha comes to know that they had been attacked by the people who are connected with the murder of Gowri. Who killed Gowri and what is the reason behind it is the plot of the movie, Watch the movie to find that weather, they left Usha or not is the movie.

Varalaxmi, Kasthuri and Malavika played extremely well. Santhosh Krishna and Prakash did justice to the given roles. The camera work is good, Stunt and music are plus to movie, all characters are well selected and they are well acted.The thrilling sequence are well planned.

Rating 3.5/5



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