Zee 5 new web series ” Kannamoochi ” Poorna in ZEE5 web series


Zee 5 new web series ” Kannamoochi ”   Poorna in ZEE5 web series.

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Release Date of Web series Kannamoochi on  Zee 5 is from  13 Mar 2020,  Category: Tv show Genre: Horror Language: Tamil Platform: Zee5 Cast: Poorna, Vivek Prasanna, Aaradhya and Amzath Khan

Kannamoochi is a horror web series in the Tamil language. A mother and her young deaf daughter move into a new home. While the mother does not notice anything amiss, strange things take place around the little girl. And soon, one fine day, the little girl goes missing from her home. When the anxious mother launches a search for her, she discovers a terrifying fact – a spine-chilling incident had taken place in the home she’d just moved into with her daughter. A series of events take place that tell the mother that a ghost seems to be the reason behind her little girl’s disappearance. The rest of the series follows the mother and how she gets back her daughter from the spirit’s clutches.



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