144 movie review





144 review

144 review


144 movie between two villagers who fight every year and gets 144 for every year, this year the Lord Ganesh was decorated with glass so the villagers objects for the idol to drop in the river, The  Siva a small robber gets a hue gold so that he wants to settle with is lover, A driver Ashok Selvan who works with the village dhadha. The daughter wants to marry the driver and he wants to settle and he comes to that some gold has been kept in the  Lord Ganesha idol, What happens and hoe they loot the gold in the village were 144 was implemented,  Siva is as usual and Ashok selvan has  equal character, The movie has a message that no one should  not  think of acquiring others  property. Abi & Abi join with C.V. Kumar


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