Actor Kamal Haasan meeting with Holiness Dalailama


Actor Kamal Haasan issued a Personal Statement regarding the meeting with Holiness Dalailama

Kamalahasan with Dalailama

Kamalahasan with Dalailama

Today morning I met The Dalai Lamaji .

Have admired his resillience and purpose. Being a fan of Gandhi ji it is not to too farfetched to become his admirer. Inspite of the fact that I am rationalist and hence not spiritually bent my meeting was invigorating and felt purposeful.

My lack of interest in matters of things spiritual in nature was matched by his disinterest in cinema. ‘I have not watched a single happy wheels movie not even Television ” he told me with a smile.

Yet he opined that I could use my craft and medium to propagate the great philosophy offered to the world by India:  Ahinsa.

I confirmed my faith in Ahinsa and said I will venture soon in that direction.

For a man of his position he indulged in small talk with abandon a sign of a man who had no worldly worries.

Above all he loved the company of strangers. He reminded me of Jain Tamil poetry 2000year old

Everywhere is my town

All are my kin

( Yaadum ooray yaavarum kayLir)

யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர்.

– Kamal Haasan



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