Deccan Kuchipudi Art Academy release Kuchipudi Instructional Dance DVD

Haleem Khan

Haleem Khan

Deccan Kuchipudi Art Academy is an NGO which works towards practicing, promoting

and propagating the sacred art of Kuchipudi. After 4 years of stupendous and rigorous efforts this

instructional video took shape. Young dancer Haleem Khan is the man behind this instructional

DVD. This instructional video facilitates enthusiasts of all the age groups who are interested to

learn the art form of Kuchipudi.

The main motto behind the making of this instructional video is to reduce time constraint.

This video comes in handy to the learner to access lessons anywhere and at any time. This video

works more than a reference manual with all the minute details mentioned about Kuchipudi. This

instructional video makes every parent a teacher to supervise and direct their children. With the

noble consent to give global exposure to the art of Kuchipudi, this sequence was made

meticulously and it is all ready to be launched in to the market.

Moonlight Dream Production House and many kind hearted art lovers extended their

every strength to make this Kuchipudi instructional video a complete package. It has been taken

proper care to give out best lessons to the learners by bringing in highly qualified Kuchipudi

dancers into this valuable project which makes this unique.

About the institution and the founder

Deccan Kuchipudi Art Academy was founded by Haleem Khan, a young dancer who practiced it

with all his heart. He dedicated his life to Kuchipudi and came out with this NGO called Deccan

Kuchipudi Art Academy. This organisation strives to keep the unique dance form alive in its

authentic state.

Haleem Khan is an Indian Kuchipudi dancer who hails from Ongole. He now lives in

Hyderabad, the best Indian city to live in. Haleem gave more than 800 dance performances and

conducted number of workshops all around the globe. He specializes in female impersonation

which is the specialty of Kuchipudi dance form. He is famous with his initiations, khan almost

brings in the energetic female energy when performing on stage and he has several national level

awards to his credit. Khan overcame many barriers and rose out of all the odds to practice

Kuchipudi Dance form for 15 years. With a great intension to fill the gap between youth and

traditional arts, Haleem came up with the academy and eventually a full-fledged instructional

video of Kuchipudi.


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