Inji Iduppazhagi Review

Inji Idupazhagi

Inji Idupazhagi


Inji Iduppazhagi is a film mostly consentrated on obesity as the main plot, Anushka was over weight no groom say ok because of her over fat, mother Urvasi wants Sweety her daughter to get marry soon, so she decide to maker to join her in size zero a health studio who makes them to become slim instantly, when her friend who was already joined in the health studio becomes serious because of the over dose given by the health club, so she comes to save her who needs 25l for her treatment. Arya who comes as groom was rejected, Simnran who was in one sidelove with Arya, Sweety agree to marry Sekhar  who joins with sweety for the fund raising, What happens to Arya who was love with Sweety. The movie was grandier and Anusha acted well, Niravshah camera has so pictureque. Love story with a message that even people accept fat as their partner.


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