Orunaal Iravil release & review




Orunaal Iravil  is about a father who have doubt  on his daughter who have a boy friend. so he decide to stop her study and arrange a marriage with his friend son. He has a shop which was vacant for a long time, He takes drinks regularly with his friends in the shop, one day he takes drink and saw a women in bus stand at late night  and takes her to his shop, the Auto driver who helps him locks shutter, due to drunken drive he got stuck with police , what happens to them and how they comes out,is the plot of the movie. Sathyaraj  does his character as father with a good perform with out his original sattair, Ugisethu dialogue helps the  scene,  The Anumol character  gives a message of important of the education of girls. In difference between Papanasam and Orunaal iravil is  father helps daughter, here daughter helps father, both the film based on family drama. Varun acting is so natural.


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