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Actor Siddarth

During the recent floods that ravaged our city, when waters moved from lakes into

people’s living rooms, RJ Balaji and Actor Siddharth spurred into action. They wanted to

use their strength for a cause and decided to work on the field, so that they could assess

the situation firsthand and accordingly act on relief measures immediately. Thus was born

Chennai Micro.

The team drew its strength from the active participation of thousands of selfless

volunteers, corporates and eminent people from different walks of life. They lent tireless

support at a time when the city needed it most. When we started out, our focus was on

rescue operations. Later, we got involved in the muchneeded relief work. Our

hardworking ground teams ensured that the affected citizens received drinking water, hot

packed food, biscuits, diapers, sanitary napkins, medicines, milk powder, blankets, mats,

mosquito repellents, coils and clothes, among many other crucial relief material. The

Chennai Micro team reached out to various floodaffected areas in Chennai and

Cuddalore, with relief material. Chennai Micro saw 5,695 amazing ontheground

volunteers across Chennai and Cuddalore. These committed and dedicated people

provided momentum to our movement. In all, 24,500 volunteers lent us their time online

too, helping us in #ChennaiMicro movement!

We were incredibly touched to receive over 100 trucks containing lifegiving relief material

from Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and beyond! To bring in order and better

organizational capabilities, we established seven centers for relief work, where material

was collected and distributed. We also had one main centre, which acted as the

information hub. This was powered by an efficient team that helped with the crucial work

of collecting data, verifying requirements and immediately attending to them.

In all, we received relief material worth around Rs. 6.5 crores. What stood out was not the

monetary value but the timely, invaluable contribution of the people who opened up their

hearts and wallets. This has been a truly revelatory moment about the amazing spirit of

our people!

Fundraising and the way forward

We, at Chennai Micro, have realised the happy wheels amazing power of humanity and the mountains it

can move. We have received a whopping Rs 3,39,18,793 from across the world as

contributions to the V Trust. We have now officially stopped receiving funds.

We have signed an MOU with Aid India, a reputed institution which works in the field of

Education and Rehabilitation work. We will work with them towards rehabilitation

measures such as a) Health/Malnutrition related issues amongst children b)

Rebuilding/Repairing homes affected in the floods & c) Sanitation in floodaffected areas

in Cuddalore and Kalpakkam. Our team has so far identified 50 villages that needs

immediate attention and we will offer them our support over the next 6 to 12 months.

We want this fund to reach the most needy. In this process, we have identified seven

orphanages and one animal shelter as of now where Rehabilitation work will start. We will

partner with more such organizations through our dedicated team. Our aim is to rebuild,


A) Homes identified for Rehabilitation:

1. Institution name : Baba Gurukulam

Address and contact : 2/118 Vinayaka Nagar, Pozhichalur, Chennai 74

2. Institution name : Saranalaya

Address and contact : 5571, Saranalaya Megha Foundation, Kovur, Near St Joseph Arts and Science

College, Kovur, Chennai.

3. Institution name : Visuddhaloka Welfare Association

Address and contact : No: 12/95 Subramani nagar, Manali New Town, Chennai 103

4. Institution name : Arumbugal Aalayam

Address and Contact : Ram Nagar 4th Street, Madipakkam, Chennai 91 Near

Madipakkam Apollo Hospital, Chennai

5. Institution name : Thavathiru Nagamani Adigalar Primary and Nursery School

Address and contact : Nagamani Adigalar Salai, near Ramana Building, Kandhanchavadi, Chennai 78

6. Institution name : Jeevitham Trust

Address and Contact : Old No: 7 New no: 13, Thiruvalluvar Puram, 2nd street, Choolaimedu, Chennai 94

7. Institution name : People for animals Jinendra Hospital and Shelter Address and

Contact : 33. Athivakkam Village, Redhills, Chennai 52

B) Memorandum of Understanding with Aid India towards rehabilitation measures over 50 villages in Cuddalore

and Kalpakkam specifically aimed at:

1. Health/Malnutrition

2. Rebuilding/Repair

3. Sanitation

C) Offering solatium of 3 lakhs each towards the families of Bharath and Imran, the heroes who lost their lives

during the flood relief work.


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