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Azhagu Kutty Chellam

Azhagu Kutty Chellam Review


Four students plans to partcipate in the school drama on the Christmas day. The Head father tells them due to the global change in the wheatre and huge amount was to invest for it, so we may not  receive amount to run the school, So no need to take risk in new play. But they impress the father that the play a real baby will come to the stage as Infant jesus, Now the Father accepts for the play, The one amoung the friend “s sister baby as to play as the Infant whos mother was seprated and living with the parents, One day the Babys father comes to the house and accepts the the wife to take away along with him after he sees his baby who lives in the mother in laws house. Now the students get apsets  and plans to kidnap an infant the orphan which comes to the orphans a day before. The each students has one story, one is called as Murugu who was an orphans and lives in the orphans runs by Thambiramaiya, theother boy who is an SriLankan family , and his maternal happy wheels uncle comes from Ceylone who has lost their baby in the fight, and goes to Temple to get blessing for their new baby to born, The oother boy whoes parents was suppose to divorce due to ego, and an auto driver needs a boy baby and even though he was father of three childrens all are girls and his wife is pregnent and expecting boy baby, The teacher of the four students has no baby even after she has taken more test and more medicen, The another story of a Chess player who gets pregnets by his chess friend and later tells her to get amount for the cause for being as part, She gets delived and hand over the boy baby to the wife of the auto driver who was need for boy  baby,and who has left the girl baby in the river bank, and the baby as been taken to the orphansby the police, were that baby was kidnapped from the orphans to act as Infant Jesus, Now the baby  was adopted to the teacher. The main message is that the world is in the new born babies. The story revolves arond babies. The song is so melody. The dream of director about the film related to the childerns are at par.


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