Launched @ crown Plaza chennai.

0 a new website Launched a new website Launched a new website Launched  for Beauty Industry. Beautihub a unit of W&G Beauty India, has Launched e-commerce website on 29th @ Crown Plaza, Chennai.

“” that gives access to best beauty products at best prices, facilitating wellness & grooming industry across India merchandise through online.a first -of-its-kind initative of the country. The professional B2B marketing hub provides its clients with a user – friendly interface to manage their product  portfolio, for better visibility and outreach.

Wide range of producte, gadgets and accessories of domestic and international brands will reach the shelves of service outlets, saving valuable time of shopping and money. The unique mode reduces the distribution channel layers between manufacturer and beauty professionals..

Online/ofline education throughwebinars, seminars and conference to beauty professionals with regular updates on the latest trends/techniques and training on handling the products by the industrial experts.

we help  create a lasting connect with customers through personalised & promote by education that ensure customers delight and contiued loyalty, Going extra mile, on goodwill our endeavour offers resource support that will indentify befitting students for academics  besides employment assistance bringing together job seekers and job providers with passion to professionaly grow in the beauty segment that is poised to grow at an estimated 85,000 crore by the year 2017 . In first phase more than 100 staffs including Relation officers are to be deployed to serve the clients, said by the MD Dr.K.Thiruganam


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