Karaioram Release 2 Day review












Karaioram released 2 day

Karaioram released 2 day

Karaioram film mixed with Horrer & sentiments. Priya & Shanthi are sisters their father is Radharavi who is very rich and he has taken more care to his daughters, One day Priya tells the love of his sister Shanthi love to his father, but he refuse so he does the marriage in the register office without their father, due to that  father dies, and later Shanthi and children aloso died so she was fructuvated, so she was alone, her close friend Ramya takes care and ask her to stay in the seashore bungalow, their she falls in love with John, but every one says that John was already dead, again she was upset, but she use to see him and they say that you cant  he was no more, but he comes in live and attackes her why , this plot has nicely told by the Director, Simran after a long she comes in the climax, who was she lets us see in the Theaters, Camera & Songs are good, Actress Iniya, Simran, Nikesha Patel, Ganesh Prasad, Jia Anand are well sellected to the characters, The suspence was maintained by the director till the end with wist.


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