NAYYAPUDAI Produced by Kalaipuli Dhanu

Kalaipuli Dhanu Upcoming film NAYYAPUDAI

Kalaipuli Dhanu Upcoming film NAYYAPUDAI

NAYYAPUDAI  Produced by – Kalaipuli S.Dhanu. S.A.Chandrasekar & PA.Vijai in lead. Director  Vijay Kiran who is only 19 years. He  says that everything is Laptop. The shooting was taken by seeing the laptop in which he was already loaded the full script, SAC has taken training in  Fight & Dancing. SAC has shocked to see the way of story telling by him he just showed the laptop to me and convinced me to act. One day i was ready in scene costume and asked him why the shooting was delay, the y said that the costume box has to come, I asked them why when you have given the costume, the production manager has said that the laptop was in the costume box. the other day Director asked me to tie a rope for a fighht scene, and i told him that my age will not co-operate, he said only tie the rope and shake your hands and legs its enoughs, and atlast the picture output is superb. Pa.Vijay also said what SAC told about the director . The camerman for his picture is his father Jeevan.



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