Pasang 2 review

Pasang2 released 2 day 24-12-15

Pasang2 released 2 Running

Pasanga 2 is about the childerns and their behaviours. Munishkanth and Vidyapradeep are parents to Kavin & Krishnakumar and Bindumadhavi are parents to Nayan. Both the parents suffer a lot due their childerns hyperactive. Nayan & Kavin jumps to many schools because of their behaviours no one school are interested in keeping them in their school. at last they plans to put them in hostel, Kavin & Nayan plans to escape from the hostel, Meanwhile they meet a Doctor Tamil Nadhan. Kavin and Nayan  parents takes them  for counselling to Dr, Thamil. He tells them that the childers are can be treated as their way and tells them to make them to join in the school were his wife is a teacher . The new school never takes class as like other school, They first comes to know about their students capacity nad brings them to achieve. At lost Kavin & Nayan realise and participate in the inter school competition and wins. The message of the film is a child comes last will be never last for ever.



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