South Indian Cameraman Association Election on – 10/1/2016


South Indian Cameraman Association called as SICA – election on 1-1-2016.

SICA has started in the year 1972. For the past 8 years ther was no election held in the association. Now there was three Team to face the election.

1) The Siva team, 2) The P.C.sriram Team & 3)The  K.V.Kanniyappan Team.  The Kanniyappan so called as    “Andavar Ani” .

The Andavar Ani says that the seceratary has not even worked as camerman even for one movie, The SICA has 1200 members The amount recived from members will be in lakhs, and the amount fetched by event in Malayasia is in crores, but the amount in the SICA is only in thousand’s. The most femiliar actor told that the amont recived through Malayasia will be more than 6 crores,  We told to Mr. P.C. sir, Rajivmenon & Kannan regarging this, They  supported the Siva and said that don’t ask him about the amount,Babu the member has found that there was lot things happing in the SICA and he got all the evidence and gethered a team called as ANDAVAR ANI. Now we will face the election and do tour best in the admin with transparency and to the best.

.sic1South India Cameraman Association election on 10-1-2016


South India Cameraman Association election on 10-1-2016, In ANDAVAR ANI Mr. K.V.Kanniyappan for (President), Y.N.Murali for Gen. Secretary, C.S.RaviBabu for ( Treasurer), R.Raghunadha Reddy for ( Vice President), S.L.Saravanan for (Vise President), B.Balaji for (Joint Seceratary), R.S.Ganasekar for( Joint Secretary), MR. SaravanaKumar for (Joint Secretary), M.Deniston for (EC- Member), R.Elayaraja for (EC-Member), K.S.Nagaraj for (EC-Member), RR.Rajkumar for (EC-Member), L.Sasikumar for (EC-Member), D.srinivasan for (EC-Member), P.SenthilKumar for ( EC-MEmber), M.Sivakumar for( EC-Member), K.Sudhakar for (EC-Member), RK.Vikram for ( EC-Member).





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