Suriya’s investment in Herotalkies

Suriya's investment in Herotalkies

Suriya’s investment in Herotalkies raises first round of funding from investors led by Actor Suriya’s 2D Entertainment  25 December, Chennai

Chennai-based, an entertainment start-up offering legal, online streaming of Tamil

Movies, has raised its first round of investment from Actor Suriya’s 2D Entertainment and a group of

High Net-worth Individuals (HNIs). Other investors include Sanjay Arjundas Wadhwa (a leading movie

distributor in South India) and NRIs investors Balaji Panchapakesan (UK), Shankar Venkatesan (Poland)

and Vasikaran Venkatesan (USA).

2D Entertainment, started in 2014, is an Indian film production house that aims to make quality movies

such as 36 Vayadhinilae and Pasanga 2. Their forthcoming ventures include big releases like 24. 2D

entertainment sees this as a strategic investment into the online movie streaming business. “As a

forward-looking organization we are keen on exploring several partnerships that expand our existing

portfolio in the entertainment industry. With movies moving towards digitization it was a logical step to

bring into our fold an online streaming platform”, said Mr. Rajsekar Pandian, CEO of 2D Entertainment

Private Limited.

“Aathi and I are really excited to welcome our new investors. To have someone like Suriya not just

endorse but invest in us is a big shot in the arm. The faith shown by them is a huge concept validation.

We see exciting times ahead”, said Mr. Pradeep V S, Co-Founder & CEO of HeroTalkies.


A significant portion of the investment raised will be diverted towards content and customer acquisition

across different geographies. This will augment the company’s vision of building an efficient alternative

of movie distribution other than movie theatres thus eliminating piracy in the process.

About HeroTalkies

Founded in 2014, HeroTalkies has created an alternate and efficient movie distribution model, in

addition to the existing channels such as Theatres, DVDs, Satellite, etc. This solves the issue of last mile

connectivity by bridging the movie producers/distributors with paying audience, who are currently

served by pirates. HeroTalkies’ USP is to release latest, HD-Quality movies legally to customers outside

India within 2 to 5 weeks of theatrical release, to their home screens. During a short span of time,

HeroTalkies has garnered 1000s of customers in more than 50 countries. was co-founded by Pradeep and Aathitiyan. Pradeep is an Alumnus of Indian School of

Business (ISB) and Aathitiyan is an engineering graduate.


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