Tharkappu Movie releasing 2 morrow

Tharkappu release on 1st Jan- 2016

Tharkappu release on 1st Jan- 2016


Tharkappu title says that the cops use the word to do encounter as they need to safe themselfs. The Sakthivel did 18 encounters, he is specialist in encounter, Politician plans to kill Arjun who is a crimal and did nearly 16 murders, When he caught by  the police who is ready to take him to court but the Industrialist plans to kill him before entering the court  and ask the police to do the encounter and kill him. But Sakthvel do the encounter as usual like other criminals,  Iraianbu (Samuthiraikani) who is the Human rights comes to know that the encounter was a fake ,  later Sakthivel comes to know that  he has done the encounter for the sake of the politicians, mean while police waits to kill sakthivel in encounter, Threr is another plot as two lovers plans to escape from their house to get marry, the encounter time and date are syncornised and Sakthvel kidnapps all thr four to safe gaurd him, The Political  fource them to encounter all the four also becuesu he thinks that all the four peorsons will know the secrets. At last all them was encounterd by the police. First 20 minutes movie give confussion. The two love pairs story  was quiet good and unique, The Camera , Music & Dialouge are impressive. Sakthive has done justice to the character.


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