Director Sunder C Aranmanai 2 released 2day 29/01/16 (Review)

Aranmanai 2 by Sunder C

Aranmanai 2 by Sunder C














Aranmanai 2 is most waited film from Sunder C, after the big success of Aranmanai, ther are many changes from artist side, mainly Santhanam in comedy track, The main plot revolves around the Aranmanai, Murali and Anitha comes to the native place to see the Murali father  the (Radha Ravi) who was in the bed due to the attack of spirit, when Anitha (Trisha)  saw an ghost  movie in and around in the house  she calls his brother Ravi ( Sunder C ). In ghost takes life of the car driver, and  the first son Subhu,Ravi trace and comes to know that Maya (Hanshika )  is the spirit who came to the home to  takes the life of others, Now Ravi plans to save others from the evil,  The subjet has told with horror and with comedy so balancing way, the songs are good by Hip Hop,

The comedy is ok, by combination of Manobala, kovai Sarala & Soori, The Set of amman by art director Gururaj has done a great job, The movie is entertaiment for Fans of Cinema.


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