Irudhi Suttru Release 2 Day ( Review) 29/01/16

Irudhi Suttru Audio Launch

Irudhi Suttru Audio Launch

Irudhi Suttru is the story of boxing ,THe film with lot of collection from  true incidence based on boxing , The movie has directed by a Lady  director Sudha Kongara. Prabhu the women  boxing coach in Delhi, He has been transfered  to Chennai,to find a boxer for the tournament, He meets Pandian who runs a boxing class, On day Prabhu & Pandian get boosed near the sea shore ,He looks a  girl doing practising boxing with her sister in the seashore,  He calls her  to take  coaching with him, She refuse to accept first,she  sells fish in the market, Prabhu tells her that she can become as good boxer  if she was well trained, To make her to accept he  say that he will give her Rs 5oo daily for which she can comes for traning for 2 hours daily, Ritika  Singh the real boxer has introduced as heroine, she has did her job as an experienced in acting, in all the scene right from the begining. She refused first and after  seeing the amount as advance amount given by him she accepts because she can buy a  saree for mummy, Both the sisters gets practise with Prabhu ,  Prabhu  shows full interest  with Ritika the  younger sister because he saw a fire with her  alone,  that makes her elder  sister to get  angry , Prabhu takes both the sisters for Delhi,  Ritika falls in love with Prabhu, after giving an good practisce, Prabhu fix her for an tournamemt ,Lakme the elder sister  take a chance to break his younger sister hand  before her tournamemt , due to the pain she lose in the match were her sister gets rejected, Again Meenu get back to Chennai,Pandian (played by Nasser ) tells her that Prabhu has spent a lot of money to make her boxer, and says that Prabhu aim and wish is to make her a Champion, so that he has spend all his money  for his wish, Now she accepts and goes to Delhi again to full fill the wish of his coach. Madhavan acting in the climax is too good. Director has mixed boxing with an mild love, dialogues were natural in some place little harsh, Songs & RR  are catchy,Nasser acting is so good with comedy touch, The fighting scene are good in taking the director is given a good picture which has given a message that India has got medal in 2006 in womens boxing.


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