Moondran Ullaga Por Movie Release 2day 22/1/16 ( Review )

Moondram Ullaga Por

Moondram Ullaga Por














This Film   Moonram Ulaga Por is taken as an English movie with good  Direction, by Sugan Kartthi ,  Cinemotoraphy  by Deva & Art Direction. The movie starts with voice over of Vijay Sethupathy, The main point that director wants to  tell that  as war means  not only in the form of weapons are boms, but it may be in the form of Economy war,  The way director handelled the knot is should appreciate, The film opens that the major was dead and the military army comes with the dress of Major saravanan to his home and hand over the dress.  Saravanan father in law askes her daughter to come back with him , but she says that if you want to see me come and see me but dont come in the intention of taking back me to our home , because this is my home and I should take care of my in laws, But the Hero Major saravanan was caught by the Chines military, They Chines army wants  to know that where the Chines military  people  is hept, The Wilson acts as the chines army officer with tamil dialouge has been delivery by him, Wilson acts very well there is no need of sub title for his dialouge because he himselfs had good delivery in language, The Chines army tourchers him to know about his  military in India, Chines army makes centiments talk  because the army chief son is one among happy wheels in the military force. The film has little romance between Major Saravanan with is wife Akila kishore,in between the touture he thinks about his family. The Majore Sarvanan joins the military within the 2o days of his marriage life,  The scene and songs are  neat nad melody, The Sunil who acted as Major Saravanan is correct choice with is height, as he seems like a real military man, The Chines army cheif  gives more time to him but he says that want ever tourcher you give i will say that i will dont known where the Chines military is where about, later  Chines army says that people in India are  mor courupted  and they will do want ever we need if we give bribe to them. But sarvanan says that they will not as you think we were in India with different religions, castes, language but we are Indians, At last when the army comes to known that his son has been shot by Saravanan he puts the liguid bomb in Saravanan body and says that you are going to die within 15 minutes, At last he kills the Army officer and speaks to his wife and says that i will come. The dialouge portion is also worthy,. The main theme that director tells that we should not buy things with any country, because if we do that their economy will raise and we will fall in the economy war. Be Indian and buy Indian goods is the moral told in the film and a good message to Indians  This film must watch by ever Indians.





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