Tamilnadu Interventional Council held @ ITC Chennai on 9th &10th


Tamilnadu Interventional Council held @ ITC Chennai on 9th & 10th.

Tamilnadu Interventional Council

Tamilnadu Interventional Council

Tamilnadu Interventional Council to start registry to monitor heart attacks more acute heart attacks seen in younger population.

Advanced treatment to restore normal blood vessels help more young people affected with herat disease.

Chennai, January 08,2016, Four people die of heart attack every minute in India and the age group is mainly between 30 and 50. although no accurate estimaes of heart attacks are available in India, Howerver it is possiable that upwards of 3 millions heart attacks could occur in India every year. Today more and more younger age group are getting heart attacks. Significant myocardial salvage can occur if reperfussion can occur within2 hours of onset of symtoms. Data from India suggests that arrival to a hospital is delayed with a median time of arrival of above 300 minutes. Reduction of this delay requires public education on the early signs of myocardial infarction, which is a substanial challange given India’s low rate of literacy and diverse society.

Every second counts for patients angioplasty, a lifesaving treatment for the most serious types of heart attack,in which a catheter with a small ballon at the tip is inserted and inflated to open a blockrd artery. For years, widely accepted practise guidelines have recommended getting a heart attack patient into the cardiac catheterization lab for an angioplastry within 90 minuter of arrival at the hospial.

Dr. G. Elangovan, President, Tamil Nadu Interventional Council and Professor of Cariology, SRM Medical College Hospital ays ” CArdiovascular disorders are number one killer of the mankind among non-communicable diseases”. It has been statistically proven that 17 million people around the globe are succumbing to cadiovascular diseases annually.  The world Health Organisation has given a report stating that by 2020 India would be harboring about 6O% of the cardiovascular disorders of this planet.” Percutaneous coronary intervention, or coronary angioplasty, is a non-surgical procedure designed to coronary blood flow blockages and restore blood flow to the heart.  Traditionally, Physicians have relied on angiography to guide PCI.

Dr.G. Sengottuvelu, Senior Interventional Cardiologist, Apollo hospitals and Secretary, Tamil Nadu Interventional Council said “Among the heart attack patients, 50% of them die even before reaching the hospital and those who have reached the hospital alone can have the benefit of revascularization depending upon the hospitals they go for treatment (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary hospitals) as there are very limited teritory care centres which can deal with this sort of cardiac emergencies.  This devastating and dreadful Non communicable disease could be contained only by awareness and education about the cardiovascular disease and avoiding the possible risk factors.  However, those who are inflicted with heart attack have to be attended within the golden period of 90 minutes because ‘TIME IS MUSCLE” so as to save the patients life”.

Dr. Sengottuvelu further said ” TIC emphasizes early recognition and treatment of Acute heart attack by primary PCI which saves lives.  The incidence of acute hert attack is alarmingly rising in younger population and early recognition and treatment with the use of new advanced technologies achieves ling erm outcomes”.

Dr. Elangovan said the main goal of Tamil Nadu Interventional Council, sub speciality council under Cardiological Society of India, Chennai Chapter is to impart latest knowledge to cardiologists across the State.  The Tamilnadu Interventional Council, during its 4th Annual Conference on the January 9-10, 2016 at ITC Grand Chola, with participation of over 500 cardiologists and paramedical persons from across Tamilnadu would focus on coronary artery disease among others.  Several cardiologists from other States and international faculty contribute immensely during this two day meeting to promote and propagate the latest concepts and practice of Interventional Cardiology to the younger generation of Cardiologists of the State who are going to be torch berers of the cardiac health care.

Dr. Sengottuvelu added “TIC” emphasizes on optimal use of newer technologies to assess and treat severe the severity of blockages in hert arteries.  To ensure these technologies are applied in a manner most beneficial to patients, TIC is guiding and training the cardiologists on fractional flow reserve (FFR), intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) optical coherence tomography (OCT), Rotablation, Radial approach and IABP for improved patient care, for patients whose heart disease is considered complex or whose disease levels are unclear from angiography. Physicians will find these recommendations helpful as they apply these techniques to help patients with more comple cases.  All patients may not need these techniques in their care, but for those who will benefit from them, this guidance offers physicians to ensure they are put to best use.

Dr. Sengottuvelu added “As the interventional cardiology landscape has shifted to the treatment of more complex patients, the use of technologies like Rotablation, intravascular ultrasound imaging, fracitional flow reserve, optical coherence tomography have emerged as tools for enabling physicians to make more informed treatment decisions during PCI. By integrating these tools directly into cathlab infrastructure, we enhance access to technology and have them readily available during PCI procedures”.

Elaborating on the conference, he said “This year emphasis has been given to structural interventions of the heart for both peadiatric and adults, Recent advances in stenting, bio absorbable technology, imaging technologies including intravascular ultrasound and optical coherence tomography, fractional flow reserve, post bypass graft interventions and newer pharmacological advanced  would be discussed.

LIVES cases demonstrations will be performed from Government General hospital, Apollo Hospitals, SIIMS hospital Chennai and Madurai to improve the care across the medical instituitions in the state.

Dr. Sengottuvelu said the conference has been powered by, expert faculty from France, Japan, Canada and Singapore.  Dr.Yves Louvard from France is a very senior interventional cardiologist and is a pioneer in angioplasty and will be delivering the key note address.  He would share from his vast experience on achieving best results in angioplasty in complex patients'” Dr.Lim Soo Teik from Canada and Dr.Kentaro from Japan would share their vast experiences in dealing with challenging scenerios.

Advanced imaging techniques such as IVUS helps to accurately size the blood vessel and to know the nature of the block.IVUS helps to accurately determine how well a stent is placed in an artery, ensuring a proper fit based on the size of the artery. IVUS can be used with certain types of blockages to help determine whether a patient will need revascularization to open a blocked artery. OCT  helps to asses characteristics of the block like cholesterol, Calcium etc., OCT is also beneficial to determine how well a stent is placed.+

Dr. Elangovan further added, the concept of Tamil Nadu Interventional Council is to share and learn and also instill technical competency to the younger cardiologists spreading over to Taluka and District levels hospitals in Tamil nadu where Cathlab facilities are available.  By doing this, the patient with Heart attack can reach the nearest centres and have th ebenefits of best treatment on time, thereby their life is saved.

The two day conference with eminent international faculty is to be inaugurated by Shri Radhakrishnan IAS, Secretary, Department of Health and Family Welfare, Government of Tamil Nadu as the chief guest and Mrs.Dr.Preetha Reddy, Executive Vice Chairman, Apollo Hospitals as the guest of Honour.

General Information:

TIC : Tamil Nadu Interventional Council is a sub sepeciality council of Cardiological Society of India – Chennai Chapter formed for the promotion and development of Interventional cardiology in Tamil Nadu.  Presently the council is presided by Dr. Elangovan and Secretary being Dr. G. Sengottuvelu, Other members in the council are Dr. Karthikeyan, Dr.Justin Paul and Dr. Arumugam.



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