Tharai Thappattai ( Review) released on 1-01-2016



Bala,'s Tharai Thappatai

Bala,’s Tharai Thappatai














Sannasi (SasiKumar ) ths son of the lead musician called Pullavar samy in olden days played by ( G.M.Kumar ),  now who is addicit in liquior, and passing his journey without any work, Sannasi was a team leader  of his THAARAI THAPPAI with Sooravalli  (Varalakshmi Sarathkumar) plays the Lead dancer in the troupe, who is love  in with Sannasi, She was bold enough to face the audience and  dream dancer to all the men, People book the Tharai thappatai team to see the dance of the Sooravalli. They go to Andhaman for a programme were they face problem due to the Sooravali,  Sannasi feels  hunger, So she dance with the pain were she got a nail which pinched her leg, She start dancing because Sannasi feels hungry and no money with them, She says that I will dance in nude also for the sake of Sannasi,which shows that how love she has with sannasi. Director Bala has given an important role to the Sooravalli Character, The bold ladywere she fights with the co-ordinator  and his team who booked them to attain her, The alchol sooravali who joins to take drink with Ayyasamy the father of the Sannasi. The Karuppuiah (R.K.Suresh)  the fan of Sooravalli wants to marry her he convincied her mother and Sannasi that how long she will dance and will be in the same position and say that he is an orphan and works in the Collecrot office as driver to the collector, Sannasi  makes her to accept for the marriage so, she could get a good life.

The troupe has no booking and in a bad position because nobody comes to book them on the absence of Sooravalli, They now forced to dance in front of the dead body, The folk dance was faceing  in poverty and even they makes  so sexy movement to face hunger. The life of the folk dance troupe is so difficult to run the family was very much exploited. sannasi comes to that Sooravali has been cheated and comes to resque her and who has been forced as prostitute, and now she has to delivery ababy were she was as paid mother, The climax where Sannasi face a trouble to see her but she dies before see him after delivering a child for a land owner who pays a huge amount to the Villian Karuppaiah, Sasikumar acting is too good and casual in the begining and good emotional in the climax  where he shows the emotion that he was in part of her failure in her marriage life. Ilayaraaja misic gives plus to the movie. There are lot of double meaning dialouges. which can be avoided  Tharai Thappatai should the life of the fold dancers.


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