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Gethu the title belongs to Sathyaraj character from the first till the last scene, Udayanidhi plays as son of the PT master, the family which lives in a hilly place Sathyaraj who wants to keep clean, he has to face a problem with the don who runs a Bar near the School, Uday works as librarian in near by, Rajesh the founder of the librarian asks Uday to find the missing books from thr library,He follows to find the stolen books to recover to his library, He finds the robber who was an girl were she keeps all the books in her house, They falls in love as Uday as a soft corner in her and falls in love mean while when Sathyaraj force the don (Maiyam Gopi )who takes the house from the house owner by killing him, sathyaraj ask the Bar owner to close the bar, they hit him  in his nose and Udaya enters and fights with them, Udaya fight is good but some reaction should needed in fighting scene, Police catch Sathyaraj of the death of the don were the ring found near the dead body of the don, And how Uday makes to prove that his father is an innocent, The film has taken in the backdrop in the still station, which gives so good framing and good lighting  which gives more to involve in the camera side, Vikranth as vilian who has less Scene and less Dialouge for him, The terriost wants to kill scientist Mr. Abdul who comes to India  to attent The death of the Librarian, who runs a free library, Vikranth is booked to kill the scientist, The song of Harris Jayaraj was so  melody & the visuals are so beautifull picturised by Sukumar, Karunakaran replays Santhanam and plays as cop  and helps Uday to trace the culprit and make his father to release from the murder. Amy Jackson plays as Brahim girl and she acts so cute, sathyaraj dialouge as he says as savi savi, makes us to remember his old movies. The thrilling is needed littlte more to this subject. The film can be seen for the camera and for the locations  & music, Uday fight is neatly handled by the stunt master according to Uday. Director Thirukumaran has much scope to exploint more in the thriller scene , totaly the film is neat to watch.


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