Vishal & Pandiraj Film KATHAKKALI Review

Kathakkali & RajiniMurugan from 14 Jan 2016

Kathakkali & RajiniMurugan from 14 Jan 2016




















Amudhan ( vISHAL) who falls in love with Meenukutty.Amudham sim goes to the hands of Meenukutty  Played by (Chathrein teresa), all the calls goes to Meenukutty instead of Amudan and were meeukutty replay to the call she recived by her and tells to Amudhan, Karuna friend of Amudhan plans to to call and whish Amudhan birthday whishes and she recive more call as wishes later she gives a list of the wishes and Amudhan tells her thatshe never wished him, The love starts between them and they plan for marriage, Now he was in wanted list in murder case and the inspectoe ask him to come to cuddalore, amudhan refuse and say the he is going to get marriage within three days, but the police torchers him to come to Cuddlore later due to force he leaves Chennai to Cuddlore. Thambha was murdered and the plot is to find that who has fdone the murder, they suspect all first the Maiyam Gopi who worked with Thamba for long years and started new business, 2 nd the son of the MLA, 3 rd the business  man JP who  was in planning to kill Thamba because he makes JP daughter to get marry to his person  by kidnapping her, and Amudhan who has a vengence for broking his brother factory, Meenukutty follows Cuddalore, The family of Amudhan  roam in the street as Thamba brotherin law was searching them, Inspector keeps Meenukutty in station to bring Amudhan to Station, The suspense follows till the end. Vishaldoes his job as usualin all pictures in fight squences. Good treat to Vishals fans.


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