ANJALA release today 12-02-2016 (Review)

Vimal & Nandhitha in ANJALA release on 12th Feb 2016

Vimal & Nandhitha in ANJALA release on 12th Feb 2016













The story of Anjala was a about a tea shop and its flash back of the tea shop which aws opened in the year 1913, The name of the tea shop is Anjala which is the name of Pasupathy the British Period till now, Pasupathy was the owner of the shop and how he loves the shop, Tea shops are not just meant for refreshment and relaxation. They are also the breeding grounds of life-long friendships and even long lasting relationships for some people,  in small towns. Vimal comes around to get a loan to do business, A customer who keeps is marketing bag as regular in the tea shop, But later problem araises through him, and the tea shop gets sealed.

The National Highways department’s project to widen the road, comes as a death bell for the shop leading to a legal tussle happy wheels between the Government and Muthirulandi .  Added to this, Anjala shop faces a few other problems that threaten its survival.

Pasupathy is at his usual best as a man who is kind and friendly to everyone and does not have a family of his own. He has played dual role for the first time in this film and the seasoned actor excels with his performance in the other character too. Vemal manages to make a mark with a role tailor made for him. Nandita passes as a college going town girl. who falls love with Vimal and calls hin as Harbajan, R.V. Udayakumar as heroine father who knows about the love of her daughter ,  He accepts  vimal as son in law and ready to give her daughter if he settle his life and even he tell him that he will sign as guarantor for the loan he is going to take to open a mechanic shop, Subbu Panchu is Villian done his job worthy. Music is catchy and camera is too good.

The rating of the film is 3 .0 /5.0



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