IRUDHI SUTTRU Team Thanked All for the Success


IRUDHI SUTTRU  Team Thanked All for the Success .

Irudhi Suttru Team Thanked All for Success

Irudhi Suttru Team Thanked All for Success
















Director Sudha said that she received lot of   appreciation Calls, She thanked each and every Cast & Crew and unable to talk in the emotion.She said that Dhanajayen told me to move before the press show finish because they will say that it is good  when u are here so, we can move from this place, but I came to know that U(PRESS ) has given a good responce & real appreciation at the end of the movie.

UTV Dhanajeyan  was happy in the Success of the film and said that the new year was to good for the cinema. He said that Amma Creation Siva has called and told to me that we should honour the Team,  Siva has never let me to put my mobile for long time, Even after the two premier shows which ended at 1 late night, we are talking until 3 in the early morning, no one was moved the place.

Amma Creation Siva said that after seeing the movie I thaught that i should honour  the team ,So i started a award in the name of Amma Creation Award, Siva has called Kalaipuli Dhanu, Kattarakar Prasad, Ravi Kottarakara, Radhakrishnan to  honour all the crew & Cast of the film,Siva said  If we are not taken any film like that atleast we should appreciate them and should be part of the success.

Kalaipuli Dhanu Said that Siva should honour all good films in future.Dhanu told that this will fetch all award.

The actor  Venkat ( Young Appa) Said that receiving the award within three days give us  so much happy.iss iss1 iss2 iss3 iss4 iss5 iss6 iss7 iss8 iss9 iss10 iss11 iss12 iss13 iss15 iss16 iss17 iss18 iss19 iss20 iss21 iss22 iss23

The Chennai Cinema Pathrikaiyalargal Sangam has

honourd the Director, Hero & Heroine


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