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Launch of KRASNA  @ Hyd

Launch of KRASNA @ Hyd


















Launch 0f   KRASNA






Hyderabad, 11th February, 2016 : Thanks a lot for making time to understand Krasna,

Hyderabad’s On-Demand home beauty service start-up. We take huge delight in hosting

this press conference to explain the intricacies and nuances of running an idea which leaves

our customers feeling good after using our services.

Krasna provides on demand beauty services at the comfort of your home and at the

convenience of your time catering to all your beauty needs at affordable prices. This young

start-up is the second venture of Priyanka, post-graduate from Manchester Business School

(UK), whose first venture is a hugely successful jewellery brand “Priynk”, which specializes

in customized jewellery. The idea of Krasna was brewed over a cup of coffee with her

husband when they were discussing the overwhelming need for such a service in India. In

the age of convenience where everything from clothes to groceries are delivered home,

why not beauty services?

Krasna, the word, has it’s origins in Slavic languages which translates toBeautiful.When we

launched our service, we were quite determined to bring beauty to every home in

Hyderabad in the next one year and launch in four major metros in the next two years.

Perceived as a luxury services in the most recent past, On-Demand Beauty Services as an

industry has seen a rapid growth in the last one year. According to the latest market insight

reports, the beauty industry in India is worth Rs 500 billion with services contributing a

good chunk towards the industry at Rs 200 billion. The growth rate of this industry is at an

impressive 18%, an evidence of huge potential and expansion. All these numbers and facts

show that beauty is no longer a luxury, but rather, a necessity.

Our process is simple, yet sturdy. With more than 100 beauticians under our wings, Krasna

uses an excellent business portal which connects customers to our beauticians. Every one

of these beauticians are evaluated thoroughly, trained adequately to understand the

customer’s need properly and create an experience which is memorable, efficient and cost

effective. These strong numbers help us reach any household in the twin cities within 2

hours and we guarantee professional and convenient beauty services. We believe that

Krasna enables and empowers women by providing them a platform to get employed as

professional beauticians.

Hyderabad has been quite kind to us and has warmly embraced our services with open

arms. This city has managed to give us more than a 1000 orders within a month of launch,

and we have got orders from a variety of households. From homemakers to new moms,

students to multi-tasking ladies who are ruling it at both home and office and grandmas, we

are witnessing a beautiful revolution at close quarters. Our weekdays are filled with orders

from homemakers with children who cannot leave them and visit a beauty parlor, women

getting together for pamper parties and kitty parties and elderly women who prefer the

comfort of their home for convenience. Weekends see stead orders from the working

women who work throughout the week and prefer to use our convenient service rather

than spend their precious weekends waiting for their appointment. Our bridal packages

have seen tremendous response over the wedding season and we have seen a steep

increase in orders due Valentine ’s Day as well.

Our customer feedback has been heady and generous. Localized on ground marketing at

apartments and housing societies along with enthusiastic word of mouth reference has

helped us with a steady stream of orders from Banjara Hills, Jubilee Hills, Madhapur,

Gachibowli, Kondapur, Begumpet and Secunderabad. We are reaching out to other areas

throughout the city through the power of Digital Marketing and Social Media with the help

of our marketing partner Red Matter Tech. Our able technology partner has helped us

build a website and a mobile application available on both Android and iOS through which

our users can book our services at the comfort of their homes.

Every order received at Krasna is screened for authenticity ensuring safety for our

beauticians and a mobile app especially created for our beauticians helps them take a call

on if they want to take the order or not. Currently we are servicing only women but we are

also receiving tremendous number of requests from men for home beauty services. Due to

this demand, we shall be starting beauty services for men soon.

Although there is existing competition, the On-Demand Home Beauty Service space is still

in the nascent stage of growth as people are still not used to the concept. But our superior

service and rapid response is setting us apart from the rest.

Krasna does not aim to compete with the existing brick and mortar salon businesses, but

soon enable all of them to be a part of our network and benefit. Our mission is to become

an aggregator of beauticians and salons for the convenience of every one.

Thank you for visiting us, we would love to show our gratitude by visiting you at your

home and offer our expert beauty services.

Visit us at

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