SEDHUBOOMI releasing 2morrow 5/02/2016 ( Review )


SEDHUBOOMI  releasing 2morrow  5/02/2016 ( Review )

Sedhuboomi Releaseing 5th Feb 2016

Sedhuboomi Releaseing 5th Feb 2016



















Sedhuboomi is a love subject neatly handled by the director, Malar has an ambition, and  adamant to marry a boy who accepts to be a son in law who can stay in her home because she lost her mother in the childhood and only her father looks after her, so she dosent want to leave her father alone after her marriage, Hero Thaman who is willing to go abroad for job even though his mother does not want him to go for abroad,  Malar hand was rounded by snake and Thaman helps her and he fall in love, but Malar does not in the begining and later Malar fell in  love with  him, The movie shows that Muslims and Hindus lives like brothers in that village,   Malar maternal uncle was murded and she wants to find who murded his uncle, The hero finds and  leaves him and asked him to surrender, but unexpectedly the murderer was murded by Sathyam close friend,At last they get marriage, The main message given by the director is that the life is beautyfull and ever one should enjoy the life and no one should take others life at any cost Because  God has created each and every one in the world. Songs are so good and catchy, Canera is smoothly handled, The comedy is ok. totaly a good movie to watch.


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