Siddharth in Jill Jung Juk release today 12- 02-2016 ( review )


Siddharth  in  Jill  Jung  Juk  release today  12- 02-2016  ( review )

Jil JUNG JUK release on 12/02/2016

Jil JUNG JUK release on 12/02/2016

















Jil Jung Juk is Produced by actor Siddharth, this film is black Comedy wher three people gets in to a contact to jorney to complete a big task, which has taken in a comedy screenplay.  Siddarth was playes as jill and Avinash & Sanantha reddy as Jung and Juk, This film is comedy  , adventure &  action, supporting artist are Radha Ravi and Nazeer,Directed by Deeraj Vaidhy Music by – Vishal Chanrasekar, Shreya Krishna as cinemotographer. The art department and  CG works are so impressive  and the dialouge are to be mentioned. A good enertaiment movie to watch.

Rating 3.0 / 5.0




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