Vetrimaran ‘S – VISARANAI – release on 5th Feb -2016 ( Review )













Visaranai release on 5th feb 2016

Visaranai release on 5th feb 2016
















Director Vetrimaran upcoming movie Visaranai is about the suffering about the torcher face by the victims  in the custody of police, The picture has shown the face of other side of the police, The Police pick up innocent people to convert as an accuced for not done any criminal , Instead of catching the real culprit, they make others as culprit to close the file and to get promotions, The Pandian  work in provision stores in Guntur face such thing in is life along with is friends,They have face heavy tourcher to make them to accept the crime for what they have not done, They have taken to court as if they accept for the crime,  But at last they tell the truth to the Judge that the police given the tourcher and made us to accept for want we have not done any crime and they are working in provision stores and they came from Tamilnad for work,  to translate to Judge S I Muthuvel ( Samuthrakani )  who come to same court for another case helps them and made them to prove that they are innocent, In returns Muthuvel ask them to help to kidnap an auditor, They help the Muthuvel, there  they face another problem, and it turned to face their fate, The message was people who go for work to other place than their native, should be careful and alert, The acting of Dinesh ,Murugam are acted extreamly well, The entire picture taken in police station with the screenplay made not to move other locations, Samuthiakani as usual does his work so casualy, The main plot is if a police wants to close a file they do what ever for it, Director has made a picture of a real person’s  real inncidents  faced by him  in is life , and written a book called Lock Up, The Picture has Produced by Vetrimaran with Dhanush, under the banner of Grass Root film Company & Wunder Bar, The Heroine Kayal Anandhi came for only one scene which makes us to remain throughout in the remmembers through Dinesh. This film fetched award fron Venice Film Festival for portrayal of Human rights Issue and got good appreciations in International Film Festival held ibn Munbai. before the theatrical release makes our film industry to br proud. Thanks to Vetrimaran for  handling  the subject.  Kishore as guest has done justice to the character, Music by G.V.Prakash,






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