VIL AMBHU release today 12-02-2016 (Review)

Upcoming Film VIL AMBU

Upcoming Film VIL AMBU












The movie about two youth one is born in the poor family and becomes rowdy ,The other one who born in a middle income group and he brought up as an educated, The story revolves about them who their lives change in the future, Director Ramesh Subramaniam has adopteda youth subjet and balabced both the character equally, The messaege gives that what ever you plan but the fate plays , Sri   and harish kalyan lives in the same town , the story tells taht a society makes  the shape of ones life, Arul wants to study Vis com but his dad wants to go for a job in IT, and he creats ajob for him  he gets an oppurtunity to shoot an , short film and he got intrested in doing Ads, One day he takes his father bike and  pickes up his lover Nithya Played by Srushti Dange, to the theatre, and the end of the movie he saw his father bike as been damaged  and to make it ready he meets a person who sell ilegal items, he promised to give him money if he do a favour which shaped him to  look bad in society,  The balance story is how he face the problem is the subjet, Sri helped his friend and his sister who impressed loves him and makes him go for a job by living all the bad things, and let us see what happens to the both at the end and what happens to their love. The screenplay was an impotanat to a film which it proves in all hit pictures, Vil Ambhu is good movie to see and to learn how to be in society. This has been produced by N.Thai saravanan & A,. Nanda Kumar. Presented by – Director Suseentharan.

The Rating is 2.5 / 5.0


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