Vimal & Nandhitha in ANJALA release on 12th feb -2016 & ( Review )


Vimal & Nandhitha in  ANJALA release on 12th feb -2016 ( Review )

Vimal & Nandhitha in ANJALA  release on 12th Feb 2016

Vimal & Nandhitha in ANJALA release on 12th Feb 2016













Anjala story revolves around Tea shop with the name board as Anjala, Pasupathy is the owner of the tea shop, there comes other characters, Vimal, Iman Annachi, Murugadass. The tea shop has a flash back that the tea shop open by the grand father of Pasupathy in the British peroid the year 1913. The movie start with  dance for a song on the 100 Anniversary of the tea shop, Vimal is looking to start an machanic shop,and he search for the Loan,  The Highways wants the land which the tea shop was running for past more than 100 years, They see a lawyer to fight for the tea shop from the Highways, The Subbu  Panghu, is the villan, Uthra ( Nandhitha ) is the daughter of the EO in EB, The love starts on the day when he repairs the scooter of Uthras father, Pasupathy acts as Grand Father and Grand son, He acts very well and was apt to the character, The Tea shop which was in the junction of the four roads, When a lorry hits the Uthra the tea workers block the lorry  and lorry gets upside down and all the liquior bottle was broken on the road and it was heavy lose to Panchu, and starts touchering the tea shop owner and the staff,with the help of an SI of the local shop, And the tea shop closed due a cumtomer rep who keeps his bag in the tea shop regularly,The rep was doing a illegal business of changing duplicate notes, Tea shop owner and all the friends will caught in the police and the tea shop was sealed, The movie is love subject with sentiments. There is no much fight even though the producer was a son of super fighter called as Super Subrayan. the film can watch which never board.


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