Director Arun Chidambaram receive REMI award for KANAVU VARIYAM


Director Arun Chidambaram receive REMI award for KANAVU VARIYAM

Director Arun Chidambaram receive REMI award for KANAVU VARIYAM

Director Arun Chidambaram receive REMI award for KANAVU VARIYAM

















Director Arun Chidambaram leaves to US on April 7th to receive the Prestigious ‘Remi’ Award.

Arun Chidambaram’s ‘Kanavu Variyam’ won the Prestigious Remi Award. This award

will be given in the 49th WorldFest Houston International Film Festival scheduled from April 8-17,

2016. WorldFest is the oldest Independent Film & Video Festival in the World. They discovered

Spielberg (Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List), Ridley Scott (Gladiator, The Martian), George Lucas

(Star Wars), Ang Lee (Hulk, Life of Pi), Francis Ford Coppola (The Godfather), John Lee Hancock

(The Blind Side, Saving Mr.Banks) and others top directors with their early Premieres. Of over

thousands entries, from over 43 movie-producing nations worldwide, only a few are chosen for screening.

They concentrate on only the very best, selecting new American & Foreign Independent films that truly

deserve a premiere at WorldFest. Arun is the first Tamil director to win this prestigious recognition. In addition

to playing the lead role and directing the movie, Arun has written the Story, Screenplay, Dialogues and

Lyrics for ‘Kanavu Variyam’.

The recognition for ‘Kanavu Variyam’, doesn’t end here. ‘Kalla Manna’ (‘Stone Or Sand’) a song

Featuring in ‘Kanavu Variyam’ has won international recognition too. It has been ACCEPTED

to be screened and nominated for the ‘Best Youth Focus Music Video’ and ‘Best Foreign Language

Music Video’ by the ‘Bare Bones International Film & Muisc Video Festival (17th Annual)’ scheduled

from Apr 19 to 24 in Oklahoma, USA. ‘Kalla Manna’, is an eye opener for young and old of all the

indoor / outdoor games children can play (instead of being couch potatoes in front of video games

and television). This music video chronicles (lyrically and visually), 51 traditional games played in

Indian villages.

Arun Chidambaram, Writer and Director of the movie ‘Kanavu Variyam,’ completed his Masters in USA and

worked for JP Morgan Chase in Chicago. Arun quit his lucrative job and cozy life in the United States and

returned to Chennai, India to pursue his dream and passion in Cinema. Arun has also won personal

accolades from the former President of India Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam.

Arun, is the son of ‘Aanazhagan’ Dr.A.Chidambaram, an Indian Sportsman, US trained Physical Culturist

and a pioneer in the the field of Physical Culture in Southern India for more than 4 decades. He has been

the personal Health Adviser for several VIPs in Tamil Nadu including Former Chief Minister of Tamil

Nadu Dr.MGR.

Kanavu Variyam is produced by Dr.A.Chidambaram and Karthik Chidambaram in the banner of DCKAP



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