Speech of Kamalahasan

Speech of Kamalahasan














Martin Luther King junior Memorial Lecture Awake in a dream Some evolutionary scientists insist that human mind is still

a work in progress.  I had once wanted to contest that belief and wax eloquent about the achievements of humanmind. The pyramids,

The poetry the Mathematics the sciences that made us fly, live better and longer by waging war with pestilence and even vanquishing

some. Things which were only god’s domain and his will to execute is now it is every government’s commitment to the populace

that elect them to office. How can these scientist dare say that human mind is work in progress as if it is incomplete?

The ascent of man from being a parochial self serving cannibal and then to becoming an agriculturist  on the top of the food chain  and

then on to become the guardian of all species and the world is a responsibility taught to him by many reformers like Gandhi and Rev.

Martin Luther King Jr. who did it at their own peril.  While i pause to gather more words of praise of the human mind, I realise

this logical progression has taken too long to happen.  A thought shatters my dream my epiphany that all is well with the human mind.

I have only picked moments of zenith very far and few over the eons as compared to the moments of Nadir where we belie

benevolence and cognisance we claim we had. We have on many many occasions callously carelessly killed reformers with

collective consent like the Romans who practiced genocide in the name of sports for centuries in their circus

Maximus . We then with the same collective consent chosen to say sorry for the bloody deeds when all the perpetrators of those

crimes lived and died peaceful deaths. If we did not kill reformers or voices of reason them we  at the least tried to ostricize  them . If

they lived long enough to  hear the Church or the government say sorry that was fine or else we said it posthumously

sometimes 300, 400 years later.  That is the average time the church takes to say sorry. governments are a tad faster with their

apologies. With no thanks for those belated gestures. I go back to those scientists who believe that human mind is still  an evolutionary

work in progress. I have to grudgingly concur with their logic. While most reformers say all men are equal, inequality is created by

incomplete minds that some how manage to reach the seat of power while the enlightened minds are always with the poor and the

minority called the wise. America has a African American president. Is that not  dream  a dream a mind dared to dream in the sixties .

i saw,on TV! A black governor of America standing amidst the diginitaries, Shed tears when Mr. Obama swore in as the president of

America. I had tears of empathy too. Having broken the shackles of a different kind of Slavery in the recent history, I could

empathise. The same country which does me proud does not yet happy wheels believe that war is out dated. In the name of  Mr. Mohandass K

Gandhi, Martin luther king jr. and Maandela I choose this moment  to remind the few cognisant minds here that war is a very old

fashioned way to settle any difference. This as the son of Gandhi and Martin Luther king Jr.  I am bound to voice at a moment

when Japan is thinking of rebuilding an army. There was a time when we dreamed. Now I aspire for wake fullness even in a dream.

An Indian master  a smarta thinker a sage called Adhi Shankara  centuries before spoke of such wakefulness “Jagrat swapna” he said.

To be awake in a dream . While one dream has been realized it is another day now and another dark night will be upon us .

Back to the dreamscape my friends .We have to dare to dream more dreams to achieve.  Where brothers and sisters of all faith unite .

Instead of fighting for God’s.sake please unite for the sake of humans. How simple it is to see that the world has to live in

harmony in co operation . Then why don’t those who wield the office or the gun not seem to under stand . I hope you agree with me

that with available proof in history that human mind is indeed work in progress .  We cannot wait a million years more for its

completion. I know Gandhi and Martin luther king jr. are great men, but it is time we produced more men and women like them .  I

am poised over a fertile field to sow the seed for such will to surface in people like you.  You can become that if you set your

mind to it  It is not impossible. It is possible to those who have the tenacity of purpose. It is possible when you attainthe valour .

Fearlessness strangely accompanies love andAhimsa. Well i have dared to say the word  Ahinsa it is acomplicated process when it

comes to practice.  Do notconfuse it to be tolerance . Tolerance is a compramised middle ground . A status co anti. Acceptance is closer

tonon violence which intruth is Ahinsa .In memory of Martin Luther king jr. I can say so many good words but using his life as

philosophy, as fulcrum we should lift the weight and greed pressing and oppressing the ascent of our race. I use this opportunity to

remind you that all the great men who lived and died for us believed that the coming generation will better them.  What have

you done about that ? What have we done about that?  Let us use this dialogue to find that leading spirit in us. I promise you what you

admire most you can find within yourself maybe in some it might be hidden under layers of prejudice. Cast it aside and

surprise yourself with what you discover. While we celebrate and try to emulate those who havechanged the way world thinks. We

must understand as they clearly understood that this world could only functionas a family or not at all.

Thank you.




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