Sasikumar “VETRIVEL” movie review


Sasikumar “VETRIVEL” movie  review

LYCA Productions "VETRIVEL" in screens from today 22/4/16

LYCA Productions “VETRIVEL” in screens from today 22/4/16






Vetrivel is about love & sentiments of Father , Mother & Brother.Vetri & Sarvanan are brothers their father is Teacher and mother was house wife, Vetri looking after the shop and Saravanan is studying,Vetri (Sasikumar ) tells about  his love and how he met  Miya Geroge who is studying in a collage,   so far not yet proposed, Saravanan tells aboht his love to Vetri and tells that both are loving  each other. Vetri plans to kidnapp his brother lover who is daughter of the village president, On the day of kidnaping  they kidnap a girl who was in the same dress of president daughter was wearing, and they wronly kidnapped a girl whose marriage  was suppose to be the next day with president sister son, , Village people says that the bride was going with some one, this masseage spreads and  marrige stops and the girls father,suscide himself, Now people takes Vetri to police station ,She tells to the  police  that she voluntry went with him,  Now she walks on the road that she has no one to look after, Vetri marry her and takes her to his house, Now the president fix his daughter marriage to his sister son were they got split a long ago, Now President  sister accepts to take his brother daughter as daughter in law to take the vengence, So now President ask Vetri father to save his daughter and says that his daughter is your daughter in law. At last Vetri brother gets his lover and gets marriage with the acceptence of both the family.  The Thambiramaiah comes as tailor with little comedy, D.Immam song are catchy, Sasikumar shows his love over his brother and do what ever for his brother. The movie makes us to remember Nadodighal.  Totaly an family oriented film and can watch with family.


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