Theaters Owners of Chengalpet Press Meet regarding non release of THERI


Theaters  Owners of Chengalpet held Press Meet regrding release of THERI

THERI Movie review

THERI Movie  Non release in Chengalpet areas

Theaters Owners of Chengalpet Press Meet regarding non release of THERI

The Producer Thanu askes for high price to release in  our area, The amount was too high, Puli collected only half of it. Every Theater owners will have their own estimation as to how much a film would fare  for the movie in their screens. we felt tht this amount want the producer demand is not much budjet like Endhiran or I to have such huge budjet for production.. In chennai either single screen are multiplex they will have to  pay advance to the big films. Even for Kanidhan the same problem was faced to it.This issue was there in industry for years .

Tirupur Subramaniam, President of the Tamil Nadu Film Distributor’s Federation  said that the issue has to sorted amicably.. The Producer’s council has now announced that big films Likr Kabbaki ,24, Sinam will not be released in the Chengalpet theaters were Theri was refused to screen in theaters for not screening Theri.  Tamilnadu Govt had formed a sppecial team recently to moniter the over pricing of tickets in theaters diring in the initial days of film release.

Theri release in Thiruvallur & Chengaelpet was not released because we were releasing movies on Percentge basis but now thanu was asking to release on MG basis with amount as 1 ,1/2 to 2 crores. So far we are releasing movies on percentage only but Thanu asked for MG were we are not accepted , So Thanu was refused to give Theri to us, Thanu has given movie to Chennai & multiplex Thearters in Chengalpet in tearms basis  as 50, 50 but he asked  75% in MG how it is possiable, Thanu says said that the movie will release in Chengalpet area in Kalyana Mandabham, we have further meeting on 20th of this month said the spokes person of theaters owners  of Chengalpet & Thiruvallur.


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