“THERI” movie review


“THERI”  movie  review

THERI Movie review

THERI Movie review


Theri is a plot of two incidents which makes Viaj as (Vijayakumar & Joseph)  to think and to take revenge. The film starts with Vijay as humble ,soft & Polite  father to his daughter who runs bakery in Kerala. The Dad and Daughter has good scence with good comedy scene and good releation between both .  Vijay takes his daughter  to school in bike and drops her  in delay  which follows daily, The daughter explains to her Teacher. As daughter  baby (Nainika) acting is superb in all the scene. One day rowdy dashes the teacher and  the baby shouts on the rowdy and  teacher slaps them , the rowdy comes to Joseph house to teach a lesson to the child ,There the fight starts and teacher was shock to see the Joseph anger and the fight, In the first half as Joseph  in Kerala. On seeing the fight the teacher (Amyjackson) try to know the flash back of the Joseph.

The flash back tells the story of Vijaya Kumar IPS  who was so affectionet with mother (Radhika) . As a case makes him to take action of a minister’s son who rapes a girl , A fight with the leader of the begging childers who makes them to beg in the streets, and Vijay ask the begging childers  weather they have interest in studding, after seeing the advice the leader tease the Vijay and fight starts and all the rowdws goes to hospital were vijay see the Docoter Samantha and love starts with them.  Doctor father does not like police , Vijay trys to convence doctor to accept their love. Vijay as Vijay as Vijayakumar IPS  plays as police officer with his super punch  dialouge and a lot of action to satisfy the fans, The sentiment and comedy with mother  moves the scene so casualy, Mottai  Rajendran as police who works under him. Samantha and Vijay chemistry workswell, The movie has two good message, one about girls safety and childerns education..

Director Mahendra as villian has done well as an politiciaon who takes revenge for killing his son by Vijay.His  plannning is to make him to feel for ever without killing him. So want plan the Minister does and how the IPS takes revenge is the movie.  Prabhu as senoir officer to Vijay who supports him to full fill the vengence..Camera of George Wiliams was pleasing and music by G.V.Praskash as two hit sons. The two debut artiste Mahendran as villian and Baby as Nainika (Actress Meena Daughter) has extremely acted as soo naturaly. Mottai Rajendran comedy who comes through out as asst to VIjay. Amyjackson comes as teacher with little scope in the movie who takes care of her student.  The fight scene are Therikkudhu,  Director Atlee  has  done so good.  Thanu has given a neat commercial movie on the festival day.


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